With more than 20 years of experience in developing various kinds of beauty care products, we can offer the products which meet the market trend and satisfy every customer’s needs.Health Beauty will be the next trend in the market. Being beautiful is not just about the way you look good on the outside, you need to feel good on both physiological and mental.We listen and discuss our customers’ needs and objectives in detail, curating a precise and clear strategy. By utilizing a unique process for our customers, we bring product development, manufacturing, and packaging together. We provide a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” for each of these services at our state-of-the-art facility.

Today, we are a proud and professional private label manufacturer that supports our business objectives and corporate morals. It allows us to better fulfill our goal of being the forerunner in the skincare industry through our technical knowledge and our product innovation.If you are looking to produce a line of skincare products with your name on it, you can feel free to contact us. We can provide you with innovative skincare products and keep you stepping ahead of your competitors.

OEM Products

Skincare, Facial cleaning, Facial mask, Essence, Nourishing cream, Ampoule, Body care product, Massage oil, Essential oils

Healthy Food

Beauty Capsule/Drink, Diabetes Care, Cardiovascular Health, Weight Management, Body Care, Men's Health, Eye Care, Women's Health, Sleep Aid, Memory Care